What is Suspension Training?

In most gyms now you will see some form of suspension training – At Studio 360 Fitness we have TRX – the leading brand in suspension training.

Why’s it different?

Suspension training uses your body weight as the resistance rather than actual weights – like dumbbells or kettlebells.

Why’s it so good?

Versatility – TRX can be used for strength training or cardio workouts and by all levels of fitness. TRX eliminates the need to set up a million pieces of equipment or fight for space in the gym. Winner!

Core Training – No need for extra crunches or planks when using the TRX – every exercise will target your core, making workouts super functional.

Time Efficient – Want to be in and out of the gym in half hour? No problem. You can move from a strength based exercise to cardio training quicker than you can say ‘dumbbell’ just change body positions and adjust the strap length. Easy pease!

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