The only Gym in Essex to have SPIVI!!

Er, what’s Spivi?

Spivi turns traditional indoor cycling into a fun and thrilling experience. Activity is monitored in real time by Spivi’s core engine which uses it to simulate outdoor riding experience projected on a large projection screen.
Members can see their personal avatars on screen, track their training goals and gain better results over time.

So why is that good for me?

Picture this.,… you’re running on the treadmill but have no idea of how fast you are running or even how far you have gone.

OR you’re doing bench press week in, week out and have no idea what you are lifting or even if you are getting stronger! Feels pretty pointless right?

Well that’s what most of us are doing when it comes to indoor cycling. You THINK you’re working hard enough but you’re not sure, you THINK you’re getting fitter, but how do you know?

That’s where Spivi comes in.

When we ride an indoor bike, we produce power (measured in Watts), and our special BodyBikes measure this power and link it to the projection screen plus, your very own Spivi account will track your results so you can monitor your progress over time.

But I’m not competitive…

Spivi is not about racing each other, it’s about working in the correct training zone (more on that in another blog), so the only person you are competing with, is yourself!

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