Relieving Hamstring Tightness by Terry Lucas

Loosen tight hamstrings by rolling your feet.

You may be wondering how it is even possible to loosen your hamstrings by rolling your feet? I for one was amazed by this simple little trick that really does work wonders.

By massaging the soles of the feet, you can loosen the starting point of a network of connective tissue that runs all the way up the back of the body up to the top of the head.

The tissue in our feet is often tight due to overuse from just normal day-to-day activities, let alone the stress you put your body through attending the gym or even playing sport. This overuse causes the feet to tighten which then causes tightness to travel up into the legs. Failing to treat early signs of tightness in the hamstrings can lead to back problems.

So get on top and treat your feet ASAP!

Before you begin rolling, I would recommend testing your flexibility with a forward bend. This will give you a good bench mark to measure against to see if the rolling is helping.

Use a tennis ball, hockey ball or golf ball on a firm surface, e.g. hard floor. Apply pressure by rolling the bottom of your foot on top of the ball. Make sure there’s not too much pressure so that it is unbearable. Locate those tender spots and massage the ball firmly on them. Spend roughly 5-10 minutes on each foot and repeat this everyday for a week.

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